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    EB 200

    EB 200

    Used - 1966


    Thinning the herd and selling one of my very favorite basses that I've ever owned. I will be uploading a video shortl so it can be heard.A badass sounding and playing1966 Teisco EB200 in red. Matching headstock and neck, bound Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, upgraded Vintage capacitors, and mojo forever.I've used this bass for recording, gigs, and just sitting playing to LPs at the house. The neck is straight and it is strung with flats. The overall finish is great for a 50 year old instrument. There are a few wear spots to the paint on the underside of the body, but they are very minimal. As I do to basses I love, I carved my initials on the back of the bass side horn. This bass is super duper fat sounding but can be made so sound like Jaco' s when using the back pickup. The volume pot shaft has been snapped off, but is in the full volume position and is an easy fix. It just doesn't bother me. This bass has crazy hot output. The tone knob is fully intact and works just fine. I will include some knob covers as well. I've sold this bass before and bought it back because it's that good. It has been on tour with Sturgill Simpson  with the guy I sold it to, and has been on many gigs/recordings of my own as well.If anyone has any questions, please ask. Please see my feedback. Because it is used, it is being sold as is and as described. Has the original case too.Thanks.

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