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    New - 2018


    WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT FOUR MODELS WITH A SPECTACULAR NEW FINISH THAT IS TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD. The 2018 STARDUST SERIES represents the very best craftsmanship that Duesenberg has to offer in four of our most popular models. Starplayer TV - Caribou - Paloma - Fullerton TV This elegant Stardust finish covers the entire body, neck and headstock, along with the precision and uniqueness that you expect from a Duesenberg Instrument. All the guitars equally feature creme dot inlays and bindings plus a black pickguard. Some say it all started in Fullerton, California – where Leo Fender built his first electric guitar. Well, we agree – and now the Duesenberg Fullerton has become one of the iconic guitars in the Duesenberg lineup. With our Showroom in Fullerton, Duesenberg has established that name and it continues to live on in the hands of great players.

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