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    Papian Ezo - Animals Collection - Komodo Dragon

    Papian Ezo - Animals Collection - Komodo Dragon

    New - 2016


    “…I am a dragon without wings, a drake. An intelligent carnivore. Ready to shred anything with my teeth. The Predator on land and in water. My venomous glands secrete a deadly cocktail saliva…” The Ezofication of this guitar was as vigorous as its exterior – planks for its different parts were additionally treated with the elements from the dragon’s lair. In it, two of these beasts swam, practiced their diverse ways of ambushing, spewed their venom and shed their scales. The guitar is a carnivore – it wants to devour. It is flirting with danger and showing off. The appearance of this instrument occupies all senses by its distinction: sleek lines and curves within scaly finish.

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