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    Papian Ezo - Animals Collection - Lion

    Papian Ezo - Animals Collection - Lion

    New - 2016


    “…I am the King of the jungle. I am guarding my territory, my cubs, my subordinates. Very affectionate and lazy. Beautiful and strong. The symbol of power, courage and nobility. It’s good to be King!” The body of this guitar has been made out of wood fit for the ruler of the jungle - Kingwood. The plank was further characterized with a soil sample holding all internal lion’s attributes. Following the Ezofication and assembling, this guitar easily speaks for itself – warm and bright sustain, full chords, brilliant and shiny resonance. But, should the music demand it, it can roar and growl – become filled with power and ferociousness. And even after the sunset, the sound will echo for miles. The territory is marked by its King!

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