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    Papian Ezo - Ghost of 1969 Collection - LSD

    Papian Ezo - Ghost of 1969 Collection - LSD

    New - 2016


    "...Melting colors. Acidic body. Embodiment of the Ezo trip, peace, love and unity. Psychedelic. Soul revealing. Bending the strings of perception and consciousness..." The LSD sculpture stands on the brink of two dimensions – material and spiritual. Its soul- revealing core is hidden underneath melting colors and acidic body; its crystalized skin seemingly always weaving and bending around strings of perception. The voice of LSD has the power to change the world around it, to re-shape reality. Its sound paints the canvas of cloth and flesh, of paper and consciousness and delivers hallucinogen misty haze. If you inhale it, if you suck on its sugar-coated nectar, it will take you down the rabbit hole on an Ezo trip that will open your inner eye, mind and soul. What are you waiting for? Jump in…

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