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    Papian Ezo - Ghost of 1969 Collection - Passion

    Papian Ezo - Ghost of 1969 Collection - Passion

    New - 2017


    "...Texture of lover's skin. Hedonistic. Enigmatic Ezo driver that glues strengths and desires. Passion fruit for the senses. Ecstasy of the moment..." As the most dynamic sculpture in the collection, Passion is the enigmatic Ezo driver. It glues strengths and desires to direct them, drive them towards fulfillment. It is a great companion, a helping voice that oversees grand adventures and achievements, pushing and carrying its host towards the finish line. It is Passion that encouraged Freedom on that stage, it is Passion that lighted the fire in the hearts of people in 1969. Its appearance is a monument to its side humans love the most – pleasure. The texture of lover’s skin, its imperfections, its smell, the ecstasy of the moment. Passion is an alchemical orgasm of desires and hedonism, of mind and body. Without it, every endeavor and encounter, life itself, loose some of their meaning. Remember, do it with passion, or not at all.

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