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    SG Standard

    SG Standard

    Used - 1965


    This fantastic ’65 SG has a serial number of 353068 with the gorgeous dark cherry finish, double pointed cutaways, and ultra-thin solid body.  The fast-flying mahogany neck and a blackguard with ornate tailpiece and vibrato arm only add to this guitar’s amazing look and sound!  Its 24.5” scale neck measures 1 10/16th” at the nut.  The neck profile starts as a small/medium C and tapers towards the body as a full medium C.  It features excellent playability with the worn but original frets and the original punchy, growling Gibson humbuckers.  The top and back of the body and the back of the neck both have some light checking.  It isn’t too excessive for its age and the back of the neck is very clean minus a few small dings.  There is a bit of finish wear along the sides of the body.  There are three repair points but none effect the playability of the guitar.  One is a finish crack around the base of the neck that looks to have been professionally repaired. The second is at the bottom of the body near the output jack and looks to be a professionally dowel-repaired.  The third is a dowel-repaired crack along the side of the body below the bottom of the pick guard that also looks to be professionally done.  The binding has nicely yellowed especially along the upper frets.  The back plate has replacement screws  and has a few additional holes that were drilled into it at one point.   The pots are and pickups are original with the pot codes dating to 1965.  Comes with original hard shell case. 

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